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Welcome to JUST4KIRA Affiliate

What is Affiliate?

Affiliate is a system that benefits mutual parties. Recommend someone about our site by asking them to click through ‘affiliate link’ and you will be rewarded with a certain percentage once someone made a purchase! You will receive your very own affiliate link once you join!

Everyone is free to join this affiliate program as long as you have a social network account, be it Blog, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others!

Why affiliate with JUST4KIRA?

We have a very high reputation in the industry! And we are very popular with customers. Our commission rate to you is also the highest in the industry.

How to boost up your sales?

  1. You can post any promotion of JUST4KIRA to all your social media website and share it with your followers which could help your followers to make purchase , thus, increasing the conversion rates of yours. 
  2. Secure best position for the banner or the link. For example, the top right or top left corner of your blog would be the best position to place the banner or place the affiliates link in the first 50 words description in the youtube channel.
  3. Give your readers a call to action by providing them with your affiliate link. By providing them with the coupon code, this will increase their interest in buying the product.
  4. Always ask for a coupon code, where mystery gifts will be given on each purchase. Please send us email for a code.

Simple steps to Register

After registering, you will get a unique link for you, which will be sent to your registration email. You will receive commissions for orders generated through this link.