Most realistic colored contact lenses for men

Colored contact lenses are just tinted contacts. While the buyer is mostly women, we don't have to define it. Like glasses, we don't think about whether it is more suitable for women or men. Colored contact lenses can help you change the color of your pupils, making your eyes bigger and brighter. It can replace your glasses and make your life more convenient, that's all.

So, what kind of colored contact lenses should men wear? Like women who choose color contact lenses, men must choose a reliable and trustworthy colored contact lens brand. Except for the product quality, men should also focus on the color of the contacts. We recommended that men choose colored contact lenses to match the color of their pupils. If you want to try dark-colored contact lenses, you can't go wrong with black, brown, gray, or chocolate color lenses as the base color. And if you want to stand out on some special occasions such as Halloween, exaggerated colors are also a good choice. 

It is not only the female celebs who use colored contact lenses to change their looks, but male celebs also like to make fashion statements, and they don't shy away from adding a dramatic flair to their eyes with colorful contacts. Here are some male celebs who like to wear colored contact lenses.

1. Kanye West

Who could forget the impressive icy blue colored contact lenses Kanye West wore at the 2016 Met Gala? It was a complete trend-setting moment. He turned his brown eyes into a cool icy blue, that's so cool.


You can also accomplish his look with:


Crystal Gray


SL70 Gray

2. Robert Pattinson

Talking about colored contact lenses, I have to mention Robert Pattinson in Twilight. In the movie, he changed his natural blue eyes to become Edward with brown eyes. If you like Twilight too, then you can understand why Edward's brown eyes are so beloved by thousands of girls.


You can also accomplish his look with:


SL70 Brown


Moira Brown

3. Chris Hemsworth

Do you know that? Everyone's favorite Thor from the Avenger series is also a fan of wearing colored contacts. He likes wearing them in real life.


You can also accomplish his look with:


Aurora Blue


Vision Blue

4. BTS

If you like K-POP, then you must have heard of BTS. BTS is a popular Korean group, and most of the members wear colored contact lenses to increase their charm.


You can also accomplish his look with:


Citha Hazel


Neala Brown

In fact, there are many colored contact lenses suitable for men, and those contacts mentioned above are just some of them. If you want to know more about this topic, you can go to Just4kira's website and search for your favorite color to find the one that suits you. Finally, I hope my suggestions are helpful to you. If you have any questions, you are welcome to consult our customer service.

Watch this video to see how colored contact lenses work on male eyes.